First full week back in training!

Sunday, May 15th
w/u drills + 60' natural run on Town Lake. Calling it about 8.5M. Felt much better towards the end... I'm finally not sore at all from last week's speed work, but I am still pretty tired.
leg circuit + 40" pedestal routine + myrtyl routine.

Monday, May 16th
w/u drills + 6M medium on Fish Creek Trail with Jake. I'm calling it medium because effort-wise that's what it was. Pace-wise it was more of a natural run day as we averaged just under 7:20 pace. I was just very tired, stiff, and heavy this morning. Hopefully it's from all the travel and this afternoon's shakeout will help?!
20' shakeout + 6 x 8" uphill strides + 40" pedestal routine + myrtyl routine.

Tuesday, May 17th
w/u drills + 20' shakeout + leg swings. I still feel pretty awful... This was much more of a 20' shuffle than a 20' shakeout!
Might be catching some sort of sinus thing from Jake? Two doses of sinus medicine, some allergy medicine, and 2 doses of Advil... hope they work!
25' natural + neuromuscular drills + 7x100 strides + 1M race + 10' c/d. The race went better than I expected on the starting line (I was feeling terrible), but still nothing like what I'd like for it to be. 5:23 is terribly embarrassing. Splits were 79, 82, 82, 80 with the last  lap being the long one.
10' w/up (shuffle) + 3x100 strides + 800m race + 2:30 c/d. 2:35 with 400m split of 76. I was so beat and tight while warming up I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish. Once the gun went off I felt better, but my 2:35 wouldn't give you that impression. Again... embarrassing. Cut the cool down short and omitted the strength work scheduled for today.

Wednesday, May 18th
Now I definitely think I'm getting sick. Can't stop sneezing, etc and achy/feverish. Ridiculous!
20' shakeout in the morning.
Definitely sick. Not running. Hopefully this passes quickly.

Thursday, May 19th
Feeling a little better... at least not nauseous or shaky/jittery anymore.
16' easy + neuromuscular drills + 2x100 strides + 10' natural. Felt better on the strides and the last 10' than I did at the start. Definitely getting more healthy physically, but we're calling the training to a standstill until we leave for Brazil. My old stress fracture is flaring up and we'd rather be safe than sorry.

Friday, May 20th
10' natural + w/u drills + neuromuscular drills + 10' natural. All of this was done with Jake on grass... short and rushed due to a bad storm coming in. Better than nothing, nonetheless...

Saturday, May 21st
10' easy + drills + 10' easy + strides + 5k road race + 16' cd (SMG Fun Run). Finished first for the ladies with an 18:01... SO CLOSE... and yet so far! Hahah. Still waiting for my time to break 18! The course was nice but it was very hilly and a very humid morning. I led from the start and was solo for the entire race except for about 50m that a HS boy surged with me, ha. Good experience though.

Mileage: 44.

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