First week of post-collegiate training!

Sunday- Tuesday: TOTAL rest! No core, no running, no cross training, no nothing!

Wednesday, May 11th
warm up drills
55' natural run on the sidewalks in Mansfield
2 x 12 strength + 2 x 30" pedestal routine + v-sit russian twists
*Some thoughts on this new start up in training: I trust my coach entirely with my training in terms of all of the running, so I am not putting any thoughts into that. What I do have thoughts on are strength/ core work, flexibility, and form. I want to get consistent with a legit strength and core program. I want to dedicate significant time each week to stretching properly. I want to improve my form with consistent form drills and hurdle drills. Time to do some research!

Thursday, May 12th
w/u drills, 25' natural run, neuromuscular drills, 4x100m strides.
3x300/300 (54,53,53), 3x200/200 (34,33,32), 3x150/250 (23,24,23). The 300's felt the easiest for as far as hitting pace, but it was a good workout all in all. Good chance to practice getting on my toes, etc.
20' natural run, 1xleg circuit, 40" pedestal routine, myrtyl routine.
15' shakeout on the streets in Austin, Tx.

Friday, May 13th
w/u drills, 50' medium effort run with Jake on Town Lake.
2x20" pedestal routine, myrtyl routine.
4M natural on Town Lake with Jake in the early evening. Averaged 7:22 pace according to the Nike GPS watch... definitely a nice watch.

Saturday, May 14th
w/u drills + 30' recovery with Jake on Town Lake.
6x100m strides in my Saucony A4's.

Weekly Mileage: 28.

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