Last week of training before Brazil.

I'm not sure if I've explained this yet or not, but Jake and I will be on a mission trip in Brazil for 10 days starting next Monday. The chance of us being able to run is slim to none... and there definitely will not be an opportunity for true workouts. With that knowledge, we decided to make these last 2 weeks in the states a sort of mini-racing block and just have fun with it. When we get back, we'll ease back into the mileage and workouts, and hopefully be back up to par by the USATF Club National Championships in early July.
Another note on my training right now is that we are unsure of some aches I've had in my right foot where my old stress fracture was. As a precautionary measure, we're keeping as many runs as possible on grass and cutting each run down to 20-30 minutes max.

Sunday, May 22nd
21' medium on the golf course with Jake. Not really a medium-paced run, but it felt medium because we started a bit faster than I should have. Calling it 3M. LOVED the golf course though. No muscular pains from the race (I feel like I didn't race at all), but still nursing a sore left hamstring from Austin.
20 x Around the World Core.
20' natural double with Jake on the grass inside the track. Probably just under 3M again, but this time it felt much better because we built into it. I really focused on running on my toes, picking up my knees, and bringing my heels closer to my butt. I figure if I'm going to be limited to shorter runs, I should be able to make some improvements in form without hurting myself.
2x20m neuromuscular drills + 3 build-ups.

Monday, May 23rd
30' natural with Jake on the golf course. Jake slowed it down a bit for me today, so it was a more comfortable run; although I was still pretty beat from the past few days! Calling it about 3.75M? Not sure though... may have been closer to 4, but I doubt it.
myrtyl routine + 2x40" pedestal routine.
20' easy run on grass fields at the sports complex.

Tuesday, May 24th
20' easy + 4x100m strides on grass fields at the sports complex. My muscles are still very tight and worn down, but by the end of the run I was feeling a bit more loose. I put in some extra time on dynamic stretches, leg swings, and some static stretching this morning so hopefully it helps.
***Tonight's race got cancelled due to weather, so I'm making today my rest day and I'll pick back up tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 25th
12' wu + drills + 3 x strides + 2 x 2k (600-1200-200), 3:30 recovery + 15' cd. The goal was to go 5k pace (86"... 2:09 for the full 600), tempo pace (93"... 4:39 for the 1200), kick (whatever I could do). Splits came out to 2:04, 4:30, 38, 2:09, 4:34, 38. The 200s were by far the most challenging physically, the 1200s felt long mentally but were fine physically, the 600s were nothing but it was difficult to judge pace.
25' natural double on a new paved path in Mansfield. Good find for future runs!!

Thursday, May 26th
30' natural run on the grass fields at the sports complex. I'm not sure what the deal is, but even with such reduced mileage and easy runs, I'm still feeling pretty beat and worn down?
20' natural run on the grass at the sports complex again. Felt better than this morning, but still not quite up to par.
20 x Around the World Core.

Friday, May 27th
30' natural around the apartment complex... My foot was a bit more painful today, but I imagine it was because I was on the concrete. Not terribly worried.
2x20m neuromuscular drills + 2x100m strides + foam rolling. I got a brutal massage yesterday and was told I need to start living off of epsom salt baths and baseball massages.
24' natural with Jake on the Linear Creak trail in Mansfield.

Saturday, May 28th
20' natural warm up + light core work. No race for me today. My foot and knee both feel sub-par and risking health for the USATF National Championships is not worth a small 5k road race. Definitely not a fun choice, but I'm trying to be smart!
40"xH-core Routine + 3 x 40" running arms, calf raises + 25' bike. Just enough to sweat a little. Nothing that will make me any faster... :/ That's the problem with my "training" right now...

Total Mileage: 35M + 25' x-training.

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