Fall 2011 Training Summary & Race Recap

Basic Summary of fall training based on what I recorded on logarun.com this fall.
Weekly mileage progression from this fall's training. The taper worked perfectly!

I'll start with a race recap!
Sunday, October 23rd
2M warm up + 8.09M @ 6:09 pace + cop car ride home

  • Pace Progression: 6:09, 6:04, 6:06, 6:15, 6:02, 6:05, 6:09, 6:13, 5:56 (only 32"!)
Today was supposed to be my first half marathon - It ended up being my first 8 mile run at half marathon pace! :)
I got in a 20' warm up, did drills and a few strides, and then it was time to race. My preparation plan turned out PERFECT. My stomach sloshed a lot on the warm up and strides, but by race start I was fine and knew I was hydrated and fueled up. 
The first mile felt a little aggressive to me even though it was right on my goal pace, but after that I got into a rhythm and felt GREAT. I had Emily Daum (and some guy that I don't actually know!) to run with the entire time and they were perfect for pacing purposes! I made sure to take deep breaths and relax my arms every half mile or so to keep fresh and thankfully never had any problems with that. I of course had my usual noisy breathing, but I have come to accept that as normal for me! :) 
The first time my foot started to really scare me was as we turned onto Shepherd, which I believe was somewhere around 4M? I chose to continue running and focused on splaying my toes out while my right foot was in flight to see if that would relieve the nerve. I continued this for the next four miles and dreaded every downhill and turn.
The gatorade stops were new to me and I will have to work on that for sure. I splashed it everywhere and choked on what little made my mouth! When I finally gave in to my foot at 8 miles I was starting to get a good second wind. I took some gatorade just a little before that point and was really rejuvinated. I hesitated for the last minute or so and started wincing and panicking out loud - that's when I knew it was time to stop. A big time bummer because there was finally a tail wind and I knew took note of some good downhill stretches I would hit coming back when we ran the first half.
All in all, I am happy with today's run. I felt very prepared and I really enjoyed the longer race "style". I love having a no pressure start and a relaxed enough pace to look around and enjoy the experience. I am usually an even splitter (if not negative), so the longer races suit me well. I'm pumped that I was sub goal pace and feeling so good, which tells me that I've found a training system, taper plan, and pre-race nutrition plan that I can be very confident in next time I toe the line. This was just God's way of giving me a good race rehearsal and now I know that when I am healthy again I can set a much higher goal.

I liked my fall training very much and believe it did wonders for my fitness level. My 5k PR felt so good and I know I am in shape for a solid half right now as well. I am excited to feed off of this training period when I am healthy again, and hopefully see some major PR's across the board this spring.

As for now, sitting, standing, walking, etc are KILLING me. My foot is throbbing and begging me to find a dream podiatrist to make it happy again. :) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

And that's all for now, folks! :)


  1. Great splits. You have very good raw speed and you will build more endurance with time.
    For long distance running, my suggestion would be to let your injuries heal before you start quality workouts again.
    In the bigger schemes of things it is better to give out 8-10 weeks and let things heal properly and then have awesome 2-3 years of running than getting nagging injuries every few months because of not giving it enough time to heal. Just a suggestion :)


  2. Thanks Neeraj!
    I agree about the injuries! I thought I learned that lesson last year (waited a full 7 months for my foot to heal entirely!!!). I just have trouble telling which pains are normal aches from the cold weather and old injuries, and which aches are new and need more attention! I'm working on that though! :) Hopefully I'll get things figured out well this time around! :)