Week 14: Taper Time! The hardest part! :)

Sunday- 10.16.11
Easy: 6M (not timed)
Felt good and not sore or fatigued muscularly... definitely a lot of pain in the foot though! :(

Monday- 10.17.11
Rest day.
3M shakeout (8:00 AP)

Tuesday- 10.18.11
Workout: 2M warm up + 5k @HMP + 1M cool down

  • Surface: paved 5k loop
  • Total Time: 19:15 (6:11 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 6:12, 6:19, 6:05
  • Comments: Rough run this morning... It was very windy and my watch's screen was WAY off. I looked down at about 600m and was at 8:45 pace, at 1000m I was 6:35 pace, at 2000m I was 5:56 pace - And those were supposed to be average for the distance (not real time pace). In saying that, I went back forth a lot mentally about effort level and what pace I might actually be running. When I saw the 5:56 early in the second mile, I eased up a lot which explains the 6:19. Just wish the watch showed these times as I ran?! Got the job done regardless. Time to rest up for Sunday!

Wednesday- 10.19.11
Easy: 5M

  • Surface: Tom Bass Park - paved and rolling hills
  • Total Time: 38:01 (7:35 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 8:06, 7:39, 7:28, 7:11, 7:01
  • Comments: Very pretty run during my lunch break - the only downsides were the strong winds (it's an open loop around a lake) and a pain beneath my left glute (bone/joint pain). Other than that it was a nice run and break in the day.
Supplemental Work: 3x12 light strength session in AM

Thursday- 10.20.11
Easy: 5M + strides
  • Surface: Memorial Park dirt loop
  • Total Time: 40:05 (8:01 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 9:00, 8:00, 7:55, 7:58, 7:10
  • Comments: Cold again!!! Think 45 degrees! Anyways, I passed Mr. Benson (my friend's dad about 5 minutes in so I slowed down to run with him for a while... hence the 9:00 first mile). My muscles feel strong and such, but my foot and "butt" are hurting so bad. :( Taking advil all day and will ice tonight. Oh, and I threw the strides into my fifth mile, which explains the drastic change in pace!

Friday- 10.21.11
Easy: 4M w/ 3', 2', 1' at HMP
  • Surface: Memorial Park dirt loop
  • Total Time: 30:36 (7:35 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 8:40 (1st mile), 7:43 (2nd mile), 6:13 (3'), 7:33 (3' recovery), 6:10 (2'), 7:34 (2' recovery), 6:08 (1'), 7:37 (finishing out the run)
  • Comments: I almost didn't run this morning because my foot has been so painful, but I'm glad I did. It was GORGEOUS weather and the surges felt surprisingly easy to hit. I kept looking down halfway through them and finding I was 5:45-5:50 pace... Had to put a cap on it during the second half of them! :) Hoping to be healthy enough on Sunday to have a solid race and see this gift and traing that the Lord has blessed me with come through.

Saturday- 10.22.11
Easy: 3M + strides

  • Surface: Memorial Park dirt loop
  • Comments: No watch for this one- just got in the mileage and kept things relaxed! Still major pain in my foot, but other than that I'm ready to race!!!

Week 14 Total Mileage: 33M
Total Seasonal Mileage: 638M

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  1. 3 days off after the Half for sure!