Another week closer to running

...That's my new "motivation" phrase. Every day that passes means I am one day closer to being able to run again. I have been getting so discouraged because the pain is not clearing up (in fact, lately it has seemed worse) and I very desperately want to be back, running on my own two feet again. Every evening I am going to remind myself - I am one day closer to running.

Here's the DL on last week's training:
Sunday, December 11th
65' swim (1600m + 10' aqua jog)
30' weights PM

Monday, December 12th
55' bike + 20' core

Tuesday, December 13th
Neuromuscular Therapy AM
60' swim (1600m)

Wednesday, December 14th
50' bike + 30' weights
30' aqua jog

Thursday, December 15th
50' bike + 10' core

Friday, December 16th
40' bike + 20' weights

Saturday, December 17th
40' bike + 20' weights

1 comment:

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