Last FULL week living in Houston!

Sunday, December 18th
30' bike (AM)
30' seated elliptical (noon)
25' bike + 5' core (PM)

Monday, December 19th
45' seated elliptical
20' bike + 30' weights PM

Tuesday, December 20th
45' seated elliptical
50' swim (1600m)

Wednesday, December 21st
Neuromuscular Therapy (AM)
35' seated elliptical
*bad foot pain today!

Thursday, December 22nd
60' seated elliptical
30' bike + 15' strength PM

Friday, December 23rd
45' seated elliptical

Saturday, December 24th
2 hour bike (outdoors while Jake ran)


  1. maybe i missed something but i thought you just moved to houston recently?

  2. It's a long (but good!) story - We're settling down in Dallas FOR GOOD now! We bought a house in October (Jake has been there since then) and I'll be there next weekend! If you send me an email address or something I can share the full story! It's too long to fit in the comment box! :)

  3. ha sounds good, drop me a note: meagannedlo@gmail.com. also are you guys coming down for the trials?