A leap of faith!

For the first time in four months I have no pain walking around my house barefoot. It seems as though my three-week all or nothing plan of extra sleep, no working out, double doses of the bone stimulator, and constant use of the walking boot has paid off!

I'm still very hesitant to jump into things so I'll continue wearing the boot most of the day, and I will only be adding short, light cardio sessions (no intervals or resistance). I want to be SURE I'm healthy before I find myself back at square one.

Sunday, January 29th
50' lower body strength + 20' bike

Monday, January 30th
50' upper body strength (pull exercises) + 20' bike

Tuesday, January 31st
50' core strength + 20' bike
***DOCTOR UPDATE: I got a new x-ray done today; the fracture has not healed at all. Not sure what's going on here.

Wednesday, February 1st
50' upper body strength (push exercises) + 30' bike

Thursday, February 2nd
50' lower body strength + 20' bike

Friday, February 3rd
Rest day

Saturday, February 4th
40' upper body strength (pull exercises) + 45' bike

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