Week 2 of ZERO cardio!

The goal is to make it a minimum of three weeks without biking or swimming at all - I am so ready to have this foot healed and be able to actually run. By doctor's orders I am now using a bone stimulator twice daily, I've also been getting closer to 8 hours of sleep (thanks to not working out). That being said, I'm really trying to stay positive and hope for the best. Who knows, maybe I'll be back running by the time March rolls around?!

Here's the ever-so-exciting recap of last week:

Sunday, January 15th
30' upper body strength

Monday, January 16th
30' lower body strength

Tuesday, January 17th
30' core

Wednesday, January 18th
30' upper body strength

Thursday, January 19th
30' lower body strength

Friday, January 20th
nothing structured

Saturday, January 21st
30' upper body strength

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