SEVEN days with ZERO cardio.

Long story short, my foot was significantly more painful on Saturday and Sunday than it had been, so I decided to take a full week off.

X-rays on Tuesday showed the fracture is still there, so the doc ordered a bone stimulator... hopefully it comes in soon. In the meantime, he said since it's been three months it's not entirely necessary for me to wear the boot - only for personal comfort now.

I did begin doing some LIGHT strength/ core work on Thursday.... A week of nothing makes you feel too much like a slob. :)

PS. I watched the OT marathon this morning in Houston. All I can say is there is something special about running a race where every fan is waving an American flag and chanting USA as the runners go by. I don't care if it comes as soon as four years or takes the full 16 years,  I want to toe the line for that race one day.

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