One step at a time! (15M)

I'm very grateful for last week's training; I did experience more aches and soreness in my foot towards the end of the week, but Saturday was my rest day and I'm already feeling good again this (Sunday) morning!

I'm excited to see what a few more consistent weeks of getting out and logging miles on my feet will do for my fitness level. It's always fun to see the developments that occur in the first few weeks of training, but I definitely still need to stay patient.

Sunday, April 1st
**28' with Jake on trails + 60' bike
COMMENTS- Pretty hilly and rough surface, so nothing fast today. No pain in my foot though, which was a pleasant surprise. I felt good muscularly, but pretty weak aerobically.
**30' bike in the afternoon

Monday, April 2nd
**27' around the neighborhood
COMMENTS- I felt surprisingly good as the run went on today; perhaps because I started slower than usual. By the end of the time I was really focusing on strong, proper form and working the uphill portions of my run well. This was definitely one of those days where I did not want to stop - I wish I could run tomorrow!!! (I'll take the runs the Lord has given me for now, though! :) No complaints!)

Tuesday, April 3rd
20' stair climber + 2x15 weights + 15xAround the World Core
35' bike during lunch

Wednesday, April 4th
3.4m loop in 23:21 finished out for a total of 27'
COMMENTS- Super excited about this run. I knew I was feeling good and moving quicker on the run compared to Monday morning, but I definitely was not expecting sub 7' pace! It's a 1.7M loop in our neighborhood and the nice thing is that it has several climbs and descents, some steep, some gradual. It will definitely be a good route to train on this season!

Thursday, April 5th
27' around the campus + 3x12 weights + 20' stair climber + 30' bike
COMMENTS- I felt just as good today as I did yesterday, but I am really trying to stay healthy this season so I kept things laid back. I didn't run through any drills prior to the run, which forces me to start a little slower while I wake up. Another nice run though; I can't say how grateful I am to be out on my feet feeling the fresh, cool air against my face! I am falling more in love with this sport every day!

Friday, April 6th
45' bike around the neighborhood (I tried to go to the gym and it was closed!!)

Saturday, April 7th
3.3ish miles with Jake on Fish Creek Trail + 2x15 weights + 50' bike
COMMENTS- Another nice run physically, but I still seem to be out of breath on my runs. I'll try to scale things back in the next few weeks to be sure I don't run too hard.

4 hours 50 minutes cross training; 16.8M running

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