Movin on up! (24M)

After two weeks with 20 miles in five runs on the calendar, we're bumping it up a tiny bit to 24 miles in six runs. I'm excited to throw in another small run and I'm glad to have a couple days over four miles. So very blessed to be training again!

Sunday, April 29th
5M run on Fish Creek Trail in 36:06 (7:13 AP)
COMMENTS: Nice run this morning with Jake. Stopped about 12 minutes in while Jake ran to the restroom, but other than that it was a simple, straightforward five mile run. The first mile was a good loosening up mile (8:00 pace) the rest was steady at close to 7:00 pace. Glad to have another day in the books!

Monday, April 30th
20' bike + 3x15 weights + 25' bike
2M in the neighborhood in 14:47 (7:23 AP) + 8' abs workout during lunch
COMMENTS: Great run in my new Mizuno Wave Riders... I really like them! Felt nice to run mid day instead of first thing out of bed... definitely easier to get going. I probably pushed myself too hard on the hills, but tomorrow will be relaxed so it's ok! I also finally measured my neighborhood loop with the Garmin and made an "add-on" loop that brings it to 2M. Glad to have that measured!

Tuesday, May 1st
35' run on grass track/ gravel path (~8:00 AP)
COMMENTS: Enjoyed a nice run with Linet, Hanna, and Jake at DBU this morning. We talked the entire run, so the actual average pace may even be slower than 8:00, but it was a good run nonetheless. No pains to make note of!
20' bike through the neighborhood at lunch

Wednesday, May 2nd
45' run in the neighborhood + 8' abs workout + body weight strength
COMMENTS: Nice and SLOW today! I don't know the last time I ran that slow! My first 1.5M was at 9:50 pace and I ended up finishing the first 5M in 43:30, so just under nine minute pace! WOW! But it was so fun to enjoy the weather and the sights and just chill while getting some fresh air! So happy to run over forty minutes! Now time for the long drive to Houston!
60' easy bike in the evening

Thursday, May 3rd
4M run on the treadmill (7:30 AP)
COMMENTS: I could definitely tell I took yesterday easy; today's run felt so smooth and easy. My whole body felt nice and light and strong.  I actually had to stop the treadmill ten minutes in and run to the restroom and back, but no problems aside from that. Finished the 4 miles in 29:30.

Friday, May 4th
Rest day

Saturday, May 5th
45' on Brunes Mill Rd in Columbus
COMMENTS: I can't believe how hilly this run was! But I definitely ran a solid pace and put in a good effort; at least 6 miles worth. Thankful that my mom rode the six wheeler beside me so I didn't have to worry about dogs!
45' bike in the evening

26.4 miles running; 2 hours 50 minutes cross training


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