Patient Progress! (20M)

I've decided the focus of my training right now has to be on making patient progress. I know myself well enough to make this a priority early on; if not, I will get so wrapped up in "today's" workout that I'll sacrifice my long term benefits.

It's definitely not easy to be a serious or competitive runner coming back from a long break, because your mind is ready to run hard and tackle every aspect of training with full intensity, but your body is only ready for one baby step at a time.

Running has been a tremendous source of joy these past several weeks, and every day I realize more and more why I love it. It's a truly freeing sport; both mentally and physically. When I'm out on my own two feet, using my body to move forward as powerfully and swiftly as possible, I feel like I'm actually going somewhere. Every step is purposeful and productive. Every step makes me stronger and more prepared for tomorrow. I love it. In fact, one of my favorite things about running is that you get out of it what you put into it. It's so similar to life; learn to to work hard with wisdom (not irrationality) and the possibilities are endless!

Hope all of you have a wonderful week - Make it a healthy one! God only gives us one body, don't waste the one he chose for you!

Sunday, April 15th
32' run on the course before Jake's race... lots of running during the race!

Monday, April 16th
weights/ core + 40' bike with 20x40" hard, 20" recovery
30' bike in the evening

Tuesday, April 17th
33' run on the grass at Mtn View CC with Jake and Kelsey + 20xAround the World Core
COMMENTS- Very nice run this morning at a what felt like a good solid pace. It's nice to finish a run feeling strong and feeling like you actually got work done! On a small side note, I did have more foot pain than usual before we started this morning.

Wednesday, April 18th
33' run through the neighborhood with Jake
20' stair master + 10' elliptical + 30' bike in evening
COMMENTS- Slogged my way through the run this morning... definitely tight and tired! I'll have to get better about stretching and warming up before and after my runs. No issues with my foot though!

Thursday, April 19th
33' run on the grass track solo + 3x12 weights
COMMENTS- Felt great to run relaxed on a quiet pretty morning. I love the solitude and peaceful side of running before daylight without any sounds but the birds!

Friday, April 20th
35' bike with 4x30",60",90" (equal recovery)
30' easy bike with Jake on Fish Creek Trail

Saturday, April 21st
37' run in the boy scout camp with Jake + 2x15 weights
COMMENTS- I was feeling really worn down and weak today; not sure if it's from my allergies, a long week, or what, but I was definitely having to work to keep this time. Especially on the hills. I will say that I LOVE the boy scout camp though.. I will definitely be back there a lot. 
Cut the evening bike as I still don't feel well.

21 miles running; 3 hours 10 minutes x-training

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