Walkin on sunshine!!! (18M)

I'm getting more and more excited about my training now that the mileage is getting to be more consistent. I feel more like a runner when I am able to run five days a week and actually spend thirty minutes out there! I'm so very grateful for this second chance in the sport! God is so good!!

Sunday, April 8th
4M in 29:42 (8:20, 15:58, 23:05, 29:42) on Fish Creek Trail + 10' core
COMMENTS- Ran the first two miles with Jake, Zach, and Josh before turning around to head back to the cars; nice run this morning aside from having to use the restroom the whole time! Very humid day!
30' stair master + 30' bike in the evening

Monday, April 9th
20xAround the World core + 3x8 weights + 60' bike
30' easy (while Jake ran) bike through the neighborhood in the PM

Tuesday, April 10th
3.3ish miles in 25:22 on Fish Creek Trail + core
COMMENTS- Ran with Jake and Kurt (a few of the DBU girls stayed with us for the first half of the run); they started a bit too fast for my liking which made the run less comfortable, but it was fun to run with a group again. That's something that I'll have to adjust to, I suppose.
35' bike w/ 25x30" pick-ups, 30" recovery

Wednesday, April 11th
4M in 33:08 at the track
COMMENTS- 9:17, 8:23, 7:56, 7:32. Started VERY easy this morning... as in no drills, no stretching, nothing! I got up late and was short on time so I just got out of the car and started trotting! Felt good to have such relaxed, non-chalant morning run though! Great time for thinking and enjoying the run!
30' easy (while Jake ran) bike through the neighborhood in the PM

Thursday, April 12th
27' easy run on DBU's gravel loop + 2x15 weights + 30' bike
COMMENTS- Felt nice and relaxed again on today's run. The outside (not where my fracture was) of my right foot was aching, but nothing major.

Friday, April 13th
(rest day) 2 x 30' easy bikes while Jake ran; light core in the morning

Saturday, April 14th
33' run with Jake on Town Lake in Austin
40' stationary bike in the evening (might've busted my right knee up being stupid after the bike?! i tried doing walking hi-knees on a slow moving treadmill, set it too slow, and ended up slamming my knee into machine... tore it up and am still bleeding! had to skip the weights i had planned to clean up!)

18.87M running; 5 hours 15 minutes x-training

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