His ways are higher. (20M)

Last week was a good week of training, but definitely one that required some adjustments and patience (good thing that was my focus for the week!). I probably dug myself in a bit of a hole last Sunday morning with all the sprinting and running around I did during Jake's race; ever since then, my foot has been aching a bit more and I've felt pretty run down. I'm hoping the overall fatigue is from allergies, though, as opposed to the training - especially since I'm not doing much at all yet!! I ended up dropping several cross training sessions and going easier on my weights and core to accommodate for how I was feeling.

This week is an exact duplicate of last week in terms of mileage and running days, but I'm hoping to get some life back into me and be able to put in a few more sessions of cross training and core. It's going to be a busy week as we've got the DBU Athletic Banquet on Monday night and family coming in for the weekend, but I'm going to do my best to stay on top of things!

For those of you who read this, please keep my foot in your prayers. I'm so anxious to get back to full-time training and these aches are really scaring me. I spent a long time today expressing to God how much I want to get back to competing and bringing glory to Him on the streets and the track. For now, while I'm a "behind the scenes" runner, I don't feel like my gift brings Him any glory, which makes it difficult to do the small extras that make me better.

Sunday, April 22
35' run at DBU on the gravel trail and grass track + 35' bike

Monday, April 23
55' bike + 2x15 weights and core

Tuesday, April 24
32' run at DBU on the gravel trail + 30' bike
COMMENTS: Today's run was weird; I was tired, but couldn't slow down - I ended up running a pretty solid pace and stopped at 32' for a bathroom break that couldn't have waited ten more seconds!!! No foot pain on today's run.

Wednesday, April 25
35' run through the neighborhood + 30' core/ bodyweight strength
COMMENTS: Kept things nice and relaxed on the run; felt really good to just go out and enjoy the morning and another chance to run!!

Thursday, April 26
34' run on the grass track with Jake + 20' elliptical
COMMENTS: Think I'm getting sick with whatever Jake has, but other than that it was a good run. I may want to look at a different kind of shoe though. The Adizero  Boston are making the bottom of my feet hurt when I wear them.

Friday, April 27
core + light weights + 60' bike

Saturday, April 28
34' run in the boy scout camp + 8 minute abs workout
COMMENTS: Another GREAT run in the boy scout camp. I absolutely LOVE running there! It has steep climbs, gradual climbs, downhill stretches, pretty scenery, and plenty of curves so it's not a long straight trail! If I can make it out here enough this year, I think the climbs will really pay off in terms of functional strength!

21 miles running; 3 hours 20 minutes x-training

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